St Peter’s School RC Academy


Project Details

Bournemouth Borough Council

Project Manager

Cube Design

Wates Construction

£8.0 million

Contract Period
57 weeks

Procurement Type
Design & Build

Form of Contract
JCT 2011

Apprentices Employed
1 new start technical with SWSA

“Thank you so much to your team for doing such an amazing job. The word “no” has been in no one’s vocabulary this week and we really appreciate your support! Neil and his team have been absolutely incredible. We have been very fortunate to have them “watching our backs” and seeing to all our requests no matter how big or small! They will most certainly be missed once they move out. It will be bitter sweet.”

Peter Booth, School Governor

Phase 3C was part of an overall project that comprised 5 phases. St Peters School is a Roman Catholic Academy divided into 2 sites. The Iford site accommodates year 7&8 and the Southbourne accommodates the remainder of the school. The aim of the overall project was to merge year 7&8 into the Southbourne site so the overall secondary school is then located on one site.

Phase 3C New Build located in an existing school site, located on the schools existing sports field consisting of:

  • 3300sqm of teaching accommodation
  • 16 classrooms
  • Two art studios
  • Two science labs/classrooms
  • Dining hall and kitchen
  • Main hall
  • Changing facilities
  • Staff offices
  • Four multi use games area (MUGA) pitches
  • Associated landscaping
  • Staff car park

Key Challenges and how these were delivered

  • It was apparent at Mini Comp 2 that the budget was insufficient to meet the design aspiration so Wates carried out a full design review and redesigned the scheme to achieve the brief within budget. Rationalisation of sport England requirements enabling significant savings.
  • Extremely tight programme which was dictated by school term times

Community Engagement

  • Wates adopted St Peters School as part of Constructing Excellence Adopt a School initiative
  • Wates held a Building Futures employability programme

Contract Completion

Cost: £8m

Time: Delivered on time for the start of the new term

The Good

  • Works in existing school buildings were carried out outside school term to avoid disruption
  • Site logistics developed to ensure that the new construction works were completely isolated from the school operation and access to minimise disruption

The Challenges

  • Cut and fill exercise carried out resulting in revised building levels minimising cart-away and omitted retaining wall by moving the building 3 metres.


Framework Manager,
Neil Channon