Offenders at HMP Elmley have been given a helping hand with training from the SCF Framework

Willmott Dixon is to finance one visit of the CSCS bus, so the offenders who have passed the CITB test can obtain their CSCS cards.

Four supply chain partners attended the HMP Elmley Careers Day on 27 October 2016 at HMP Elmley. All have at least one vacancy available for which they are looking to fill with an ex-offender.

The outcome was?

  • 23 offenders received H&S Training
  • 23 offenders passed their CITB H&S test
  • 8 Young offenders (under 25) on course
  • 7 Young People towards Young Persons Target Achieved
  • CSCS Card Tests provided
  • Supply Chain Supported HMP Elmley in a Careers Event
  • Four opportunities made available to offenders
  • Willmott Dixon covered the cost of the CSCS bus first visit.

The Why?

To prepare offenders for ‘Ready For The Gate’ utilising the resources and skills available through Willmott Dixon. To maximise social impact and value and to identify opportunities to place ‘Ready For The Gate’ offenders with Willmott Dixons Supply Chain Partners.

The How?

To provide opportunity for offenders through Willmott Dixon’s Health and Safety Team and to get to attend a careers fair at HMP Elmley in June 2016.

The team interviewed offenders and profiled their skills and aspirations into a training requirements plan.

Willmott Dixon’s Health & Safety Team offered to complete CITB Accredited Health & Safety Training and provide a test/exam to offenders.

Two day training courses were held in August and September training and tested 23 offenders in total.

Offenders at the HMP Elmley have been given a helping hand by undertaking training with Willmott Dixon in preparing for ‘a career outside the gate’