Hornchurch Highschool

Project Details

Corporation of London

Project Manager
Robinson Low Francis

Pringle Brandon Drew

Miller Construction

£1.8 million

Contract Period
34 weeks

Procurement Type
Develop & Construct

Form of Contract
JCT Trad with Quants 2011


Local SMEs Employed
(97% SME’s)
3 SME’s within 30miles
11 SME’s within 60miles
6 SME’s 60miles +


  • The Hornchurch High is located within the Hornchurch area of the London Borough of Havering.
  • The school site of approximately 6.87 hectares is surrounded by residential properties to the north and west, and a Harrow Lodge public park to the south and east.
  • The site is occupied by the co-educational secondary school buildings with an associated car park, amenity sports areas and landscaping.
  • The main entrance access to the school site for both pedestrians and vehicles is from Broadstone Road, causing congestion at peak times. The school site has ample playing fields across grassland located on the south and east of the site.
  • The site slopes generally from the north down to the south and is located inflood risk zone 1, therefore considered at low risk of flooding.


  • Provide a new block including a DT department, Art Department and MFL department as part of the Department for Education’s Priority School’s HORNCHURCH HIGH SCHOOL
  • Demolish an existing dilapidated existing block that is no longer fit for purpose and replace it with a modern educational facility
  • Improve the energy efficiency and lower the operational costs to benefit the School
  • To provide the school with something that is more than just a building, a platform for the school to develop and grow encouraging further improvement on the recently received OFSTED 2 award, the school has always been a level 3.


  • The temporary block is nearing completion with the decant due in February Half term 2019. During the process of the build and unit install 60 children walked site and had the opportunity to feel what it is like to work on a construction site. The group were given safe access into the units and were talked through the process of the install. Many of the pupils expressed an interest in joining the construction industry and were all asking questions about the process of the project, not only the construction phase but also the pre-construction phase as WDC have been prominent on site for the past year.
  • Some of the pupils also joined in on breaking ground ceremony which was featured in the local newspaper.
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