Fareham College, CEMAST

Fareham, Hampshire

Project Details

Fareham College

Project Manager

Perkins Ogden Architects

Leadbitter Group

£7.3 million

Contract Period
40 weeks

Procurement Type
2 Stage Tender

Form of Contract
JCT D&B 2011

3995 square meters

Apprentices Employed

The project comprises the development of an innovative new engineering, manufacturing and advanced skills training centre for Fareham College. The new facility is the first key development at the newly designated Solent Enterprise Zone; and will act as a catalyst for the overall regeneration of the site. The facility will also be utilised as a forum for collaboration; bringing the College and local marine and aero engineering manufacturing industries together.

The new facility will house the College’s engineering department, comprising electrical, aeronautical, mechanical, marine and automotive engineering disciplines. Accommodation will primarily comprise of large open plan specialist workshop areas; supported by a suite of general classrooms and IT rooms, a larger conference room and dedicated LRC provision will permit the facility to operate independently of the main college campus. Other supporting facilities will include reception, administration, and staff work areas, café, social areas, toilets, stores and plant spaces. The scheme is targeted to achieve a BREEAM rating of “Very Good”.

Key Challenges

  • A design that responds to the end users needs (including the College and Local Industry).
  • Reconciling the available budget for the M&E design with the aspirations for a modern and efficient building.

How these were delivered

  • Detailed workshops to challenge and analyse the design thus delivering a final solution that satisfies client aspirations whilst achieving value for money.
  • Regular interface meetings with HCC & HCA
  • Acceptance of PQS’s cost plan as an appropriate target within which to manage and develop the M&E design, partnering with the Client to mutually agree solutions within the available cost envelope.

Lessons Learnt

The Good

  • Gateway 2 review established a shortfall regarding the M&E design. Project Team confirmed the goal to be achieved during Gateways 2-3 and have worked together to achieve resolution and agree cost plan.
  • Leadbitter have taken a considered approach to working in a live environment with the new college building being in close proximity to a live airfield. Security is paramount given the controlled nature of the site with all deliveries, visitors and site operatives requiring prior security clearance. Deliveries are coordinated on a weekly basis with a number of existing companies who also use the same access routes to ensure a ‘business as usual’ approach.

The Bad

  • Additional input from supply chain to cost benchmark building services may have facilitated an earlier resolution to the M&E cost plan.

Save / IESE Benefits & How:

  • A collaborative working ethos has been fully embraced for Fareham College’s new facility. Relationships have been developed through the use of effective workshops commencing immediately after contractor appointment.
  • Early appointment has also allowed the contractor to inform the design, advise on material selection, construction methods, costs, site logistics and planning, package procurement and contract formation leading to over £500k of added value benefits being realised.
  • Packages procured using SAVE suppliers include; doorsets, heating boilers, lighting, floor coverings, moveable walls and cubicles.
ContractGateway 2 PlanningGateway 3 Contract AgreementVariation
Cost£7.5m£7.3m-£0.2m (-2.6%)
Time52 weeks40 weeks-12 weeks (-23%)

KPI Graphs

Apprentices Target 3
Average AIR 0
Average CCS score Site registered (Awaiting first assessment)
Waste diverted from landfill Target of 85%
Cost per Sqm (exc design & client costs) £1726


Leadbitter Group

Simon James Framework Manager

Geoff Pepper Senior Project Manager

Fareham College

Peter Marsh Deputy Principal